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A golden voice

When I am not behind the mic or wishing it was sunny here in UK, I am busy living, which I think, is a fun life and enabling my kids have a holistic upbringing.

A lot of people ask me how I started in voiceovers, given the fact that I am an engineer by qualification and have had a corporate IT job for over a decade!

Well the simple answer is that a corporate job was never able to satisfy my creativity and I was too scared to continue to act on stage, so voice acting was a happy medium :)

But there is a complicated and slightly longer answer to that as well, which revolves around how, my entire life (besides my studies and an IT job) I had been behind the mic, on stage and in front of an audience. And with all those varied experiences, which had been both, exhilarating and scary, I realised what I loved doing the most.

I love listening to people, I love observing them, I love to help them and I love the fact that sometimes its the most basic things which makes us all feel happy and reassured. 

Which is why living a simple life, with a lot of travel, some new experiences and a tad bit of drama is what I try to add in my everyday!!

And most recently, in lockdown, when I can't go for the regular kickboxing or Yoga classes or travel anywhere besides, to grocery stores; my "something new" is trying HIIT training, which hopefully helps me compensate for all the excessive eating and drinking I have been doing, while working from home and homeschooling.

So if you have a funny story to share or want to talk about food, TV, travel, spirituality or voice acting, then please "Get in Touch" with me (click the button up top) or '"Follow Me" (social links down below), I am always there.

And if you want to keep it all very professional, that's perfect as well!

Just get in touch with me and I can answer all your queries: whether it is to request for a custom audio sample or a custom quote or even to understand how voice over can help your business.

Remember, "Get in Touch" (click the button up top) or '"Follow Me" (social links down below)


Services I offer..


Voice Acting services in English, Hindi, Punjabi as well as Urdu


Provide royalty free music in the final audio, in addition to the voiceover


Personalised translation services between English and Hindi​


Language direction for English, Hindi and Punjabi


The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing

And these amazing group of people have been helping me learn and grow, as an artist, as a business and as a person

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Nic Redman - Voice & Accent Coach

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