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A glimpse of various projects done by me for different clients


Project: A radio campaign done by Birmingham CC to encourage people to be more mobile.

I was the voice for their English, Punjabi and Urdu radio ads.

Client: Maple Street Creative

Project: "The Loyal Mongoose", English podcast episode as a part of Culture Verse series. I played the part of Amita, a 12 year old girl.

Client: Ochenta Studios. You can visit their link tree page to listen to the episode:

Loyal Mongoose.png

Project: Breast Density and Screening Mammograms awareness video in Punjabi for BC Cancer Canadian Agency

Client: Artaban Productions

Project: MTR holiday commercial done in English for Indian market

Client: Verbolabs

BirminghamCC_CovidComms_Hin_30_Sep20Artist Name
00:00 / 00:31

Project: Radio Campaign in Hindi to raise awareness about Covid-19 symptoms and latest restrictions.

Client: Maple Street Creative for Birmingham City Council

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