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5 Habits for building self-confidence

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I recently read this great article "5 Habits That Build Real Self-Confidence" and I was glad to have a reaffirmation about some things which I was doing right and some learnings about what I can do better.

So I thought to write a short blog describing my take on the original article and how I implement it in my life as a #voiceoverartist

Here are my key takeaways from it:

1. Go into Situations Prepared

Whether you are experienced in the field or not, there is no substitute for preparation!

In my experience, my clients always appreciate when I come prepared for a #directedvoiceoversession, it saves them time, reduces errors and ensures that the final audio turns out awesome!

So I always make sure that I do my preparation before any recording session, to achieve perfect results with minimum frustration.

2. Believe in Your Ability to “Figure it Out”

Don't let self-doubt paralyse you.

As a #voiceartist, I strongly feel that our emotions always can be heard in our read. So if I am self-doubting myself, then that somehow creeps in the audio too and the listeners can sense it.

So anytime I start stressing or self-doubting myself, I use this phrase from a very famous bollywood movie to reassure myself... "All is Well" :)

(PS: Movie is called "3 Idiots" and there is a whole song about it, google it, if you want to give it a listen :)

3. Seek Discomfort and Be Okay With Failure

Its okay to not be okay. Really!

Afterall #failure is the stepping stone to learning and to #success!

Since the beginning of my #VO career I have always seeked opportunities which push me out of my comfort zone, which challenged me to try something I never have!

And as a result of that I now know that I sometimes underestimate myself.

Doing this also made me identify the areas where I needed more practice and #coaching.

So definitely step out of your comfort zone, you will either know yourself better or you will learn something new in the process :)

4. Seek Advice and Request Feedback

Oh this has to be my favourite point! Since I cannot imagine that I will be where I am today without the advice and feedback from my peers, mentors and all those amazing people in the industry who are always ready to offer help. All I had to do was ask!

Don't forget that there will always be people out there, who know more than you. Don't take that it negatively....instead, seek out such people, work with them and learn from them.

5. Learn How to Manage Your Emotions

My husband jokes about this sometimes, when I get up in the morning and tell him that I am feeling very low in confidence and am self-doubting.

He says, "You know its part of life. And you also know that you can handle it, this feeling surely will pass. So just carry on."

And he is absolutely right, like anything in life, our feelings and confidence also rises and falls constantly.

We just need to be careful and identify them and if possible, identify their root cause and then work on improving that.

Rest of the things will fall in place.

So remember, self-confidence is vital for us to perform better and thankfully you don't necessarily have to be born with it. It is something that we can team ourselves, by conscious effort and by inculcating some good habits.

Heres the link to the original article, if you are interested in reading that:

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