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Sakshi's Voice

For your voiceover requirements in English, Hindi, Punjabi or Urdu

Have you got a script that needs a voice?

Then look no further...simply click on the 'Get in Touch' button in the top menu and we can talk about your project in detail.

I am a versatile and multi-lingual voice artist and I work closely with all my clients to deliver a message which is engaging and clear. 

My unique style and delivery helps make your brand stand out! Whether it is Corporate, eLearning, Commercial, Animation, IVRs, Audiodramas or character voices, when you work with me, you can rest assured to get more than a simple will get a completely localised audio in the language of your choice.

With the help of my broadcast quality home studio, equipped with Phone Patch, Zoom, Skype and SourceConnect, I am able to work globally with clients from UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


For more details about my home studio and to listen in to its audio quality, please click here.

My professionalism, friendliness and promptness means that it is not only easy to work with is fun too :)

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You've listened to my demos and you are interested, so lets arrange a FREE test read for your copy.

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